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We all know that alcoholweed and some other drug substances are mostly consumed in Nigeria by Nigerians.

It will be practically hard to see a Nigerian who doesn’t take either alcoholweedcodeine or even tramadol. Some people don’t have problem taking everything together 😂

In 2016 only, Nigeria Breweries recorded sales of almost N300 billion.

Guinness recorded a N275 billion sales, totalling about N580 billion (about $3billion) which is about 3% of our GDP.

From the above, its estimated that over 3 billion bottles of beer was sold in 2016, an average 200 bottles per person a year. 😳

According to a report in 2017, 3 million bottles of codeine were consumed daily in the North. This was before government banned the sales of the product.

Imagine what the number will be if we are to add Lagos and other regions in Nigeria. We’ve not even mentioned the likes of WeedTramadol and others.

All of una like to dey chop market (omo oloja Lols😂😂).

Meanwhile, Government and World Health Organization have tried many things to reduce the rate at which Nigerians consume alcohol and other drug substances but all to no avail.

Now imagine, the Government and World Health Organization are giving out 300 million naira to every drugand alcohol users in Nigeria to stop it for life.

This is a question for all Oja daddies and mummies, those that can’t do without alcohol, weedcodeine and other drug substances in a day 👇

You’re Offered 300 Million Naira To Stop Taking Alcohol/Weed For Life, Would You Accept It?

Be sincere

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