Why You Should Focus On Love Than Sex In A Loving Relationship

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Why You Should Focus On Love

What sex has to do has nothing to do with what love has to do…

“If we put sex in the place of love, we will always have sex and still know that one thing we have never had is love”

Most things that seem to be our ways to happiness ended up becoming our most tragic choices…

The consequences of sex is same as the consequences of sugar. You may not know how much sugar is killing you until you are almost dead. She can take yourife and you live for nothing.

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Sex can make you have a stranded life and you feel that someone else is responsible for your tragic experiences.

Humanity can never be more powerful than the divinity. If God has called sexual immorality a sin, the consequences of such sin are inevitable.

Everything we do to have sex has never built for us a more happy world. We still wake up from it and strongly believe that if we don’t change, someday, we may have to pay with the rest of our life.

The wrong mindset has the capacity to make you live your life walking the opposite direction.

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