Trippie Redd Claims He’s Over 6ix9ine’s Antics

It’s not the first time Trippie has sworn off 6ix9ine for good. Truth be told, the pair beforehand offered some kind of reparation, just to b–t heads once more.

It might seem that at whatever point Trippe endeavors to get out, 6ix9ine pulls him back in, similar to a Leprauchan promising a pot o’ gold. Shockingly for Trippie, there’s no gold toward the finish of this rainbow, simply an unbounded supply of increasingly chaotic jokes.

For a few, notwithstanding, shenanigans can demonstrate more profitable than gold. We’ll need to check whether Trippie Redd can oppose the expanding recurrence of 6ix9ine’s jabs. All things considered, Tekashi as of late maneuvered Trippie’s ex into the frenzy, despite the fact that Trippie already anticipated such a series of events. Regardless, he appears unbothered by the entire disaster, asserting his “d–k is bruised cause n***as won’t let they nuts hang.”

With a blunt close by, Trippie claims he’s over the smoke, saying “I’m not going to involve myself with somebody that’s all bark and no bite.” obviously, such a remark can, and likely will be deciphered as assisting the contention. Be that as it may, such is the way Trippie chose. Soon 6ix9ine takes the bait, and the cycle continues.

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