Trippie Redd Called 6ix9ine A “Pedophile”

Trippie Redd said yesterday that he was no longer entertaining 6ix9ine’s shenanigans.

What a difference one day makes… Yesterday, Trippie Redd told the world that he would no longer be concerned with what Tekashi 6ix9ine says about him. Today, he’s suddenly concerned about what Tekashi 6ix9ine says about him. The two have been beefing all year despite their collaborative effort on “Poles.” Perhaps Trippie forgot that he decided to ignore 6ix9ine when he commented back on an insulting Instagram comment but the two seem to be back at war.

It’s not uncommon to scroll through the comment section of a DJ Akademiks Instagram post to find 6ix9ine calling people out. Ak reposted the video of Trippie directing his attention to all things unrelated to 6ix9ine when the rainbow-haired Brooklynite dissed him in the comments. “Imagine being famous for 2 months and then BOOM ur smoking black n milds,” wrote 69. The “Love Scars” artist decided to clap back, hitting Tekashi where it hurts: “Imagine touching a lil girl for 10 sec then BOOM ur a Pedophile.” Of course, 6ix9ine wouldn’t let Trips get the last word in so he commented back, “Imagine being with your brother one day then BOOM he’s dead.”

These two just love pushing each other’s buttons. These are all disses we’ve already heard thrown around between the two as Tekashi seems to enjoy reminding Trippie of a traumatic moment in his life. So much for this being over…


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