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Things That Kills Your Happiness In Marriage (Read This)

if you are married and your happiness comes from your performance, you are likely not going to be happy for a long time in your marriage…

It is not true that a woman should be loved for doing everything her husband wanted if her and it is not true that a man should be loved for being up to speed for every expectation his wife has of him.

The moment spouses begin to rate each other from what they do well and what they didn’t do well, that marriage is gradually losing altitude because it is building on the bad attitude.

When a man fails to provide for everything he is expected to provide, he should be loved. If God is loving us by our performance, almost of us will be His ardent enemy.

It is the life of God that we should exhibit in our marriages rather than becoming the results of people’s opinion.

A woman came into her neighbour’s house and observed that they don’t have big television and she said, ‘How do you people manage to watch this tiny screen? “. The woman she came to visit said to her, ‘The funny thing is that I and my husband don’t actually know the size of this television because both of us are too busy to watch television. Our kids don’t also have interest. We are even planning of giving it out to any of our neighbour who would need it”. That woman realized the direction the neighbour that visited her was going but she was smart to let her know that the television size shouldn’t be any issue to her. Most other women may likely say, ‘I have been begging my husband to change this television but he has refused”.

Women that things make happy have married men who can give things only to realize that things are not what they should have looked out for.

If you get happy only when your spouse act perfectly to your expectations, you have agreed that you won’t be happy for too long.

Sometimes, good results are not you should be looking out for. Most people know how to act out good results.

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Paul Allen Ephraim
Plus Personality Consultant
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