So many Men promise me marriage, have s£x with me & vanish – Model Pamela Odame reveals

Pamela Odame, the big boobs model who was delivered from ‘Spirit of Dwarfs’ days ago, has disclosed that men promise her marriage, have sex with her and then vanish.

The model who in April this year revealed that she dated and slept with five men within one year at age 17 in order to pay for her rent after relocating to Accra from her base in Sunyani, told Bishop Obinim that her current problem is ‘promise and fail’ as almost all men who have proposed to marry her have not turned up.


However Bishop Obinim who prayed for Pamela Odame who disclosed that men promise her marriage, have sex with her and then vanish, “broke the covenant” saying “I open the marriage doors for you, I open your children door for you and you will make plenty money and travel”.

Here is a video of the deliverance below;

Recall that Pamela Odame had before now stated that she dated some dated some men refused to name all in Accra before turning 18, indicating that the best thing any of them could offer her was rent for a single self-contained room at Taifa a suburb of Accra.

Asked if she is not scared of sexually transmitted diseases with keeping multiple sexual partners, she disclosed “the last guy I had sex with is a famous guy. It happened in November last year and I started hearing some unpleasant information so I rushed to my doctor for series of tests”

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