Singer Peruzzi accused of defrauding FUTMinna students

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh also known as Peruzzi who is a Nigerian singer and song writer under the Davido Music Worldwide record label has been accused of defrauding Federal University of Technology, FUT Minna students after claiming they didn’t fulfill their own part of the deal they had.

Peruzzi who was accused of defrauding FUT Minna students, allegedly refused to make refunds as he claimed it took care of all the trouble he encountered while on his way to the school.

Twitter user @spiritofyoungj who made the allegation, wrote;

Peruzzi scammed FUT Minna students by not turning up for a show he was paid for and now he’s refusing to refund…. DMW artist @Peruzzi_VIBES was supposed to perform in my school in FUT Minna on the 13th of April as part of his HEARTWORK tour He ended up not coming and he went ahead to tweet these As the reason for not showing up

His manager Kolo also made this video in Abuja Please note that that “Nigger” here is Deekay and he’s our Director of Social.. Nigger said “I’m federally secured” lol …. My only pain was that Deekay didn’t slap Kolo. Below are screenshots of the chats between us and the tour manager KOB.. What we are to provide and what they are to provide..

From our discussion with him, they’re supposed to get to Minna on their own and then, we’ll start to play our parts on transport, security, hotel and feeding from there..The tour manager called us 48hours to the show that we should go pick them up from Abuja if not they won’t come… Which wasn’t part of the agreement initially.. We know how much we’ve spent and what we stand to lose, so we decided that extra 100k to pick up won’t kill us.

We got to Abuja and Peruzzi told the Director of Social that he’s performing somewhere that we should wait {we weren’t aware before}… We dey live under pop for school no mean say our papa rich.. We go wait just to secure our investment..We waited for him until he performed at the show around 9pm.. Then they came out and started asking why we didn’t bring security along from Minna that they thought we said we have arranged security.. Note; we did and they’re all on ground in Minna as agreed before

But we can’t make them follow us to Abuja impromptu hence the “you lied to us video”… They also complained that they’re Eleven in total and our Three cars can’t take them all. So Peruzzi went back to his hotel..As at 10pm, we had made calls and arranged extra cars and two squad of anti robbery squad.. But the manager insisted it’s late and they can’t come again… Whose fault?? You performed 9pm when you should be in Minna already @Peruzzi_VIBES

Please note that the show started in Minna around 8pm and everyone at the venue was waiting for their arrival.. Let’s not go into what the mob did thinking we scammed them.. Meanwhile Peruzzi made this video around 8pm before the his performance at that fun fair.

So everybody was waiting for them at the venue and they didn’t turn up… He talked about rescheduling in his apology tweet and till now, he refused to come to agreement of rescheduling…They want us to shoulder the logistics of rescheduling; transport, flight, hotel, sounds, light, stage and yet make attendance free.. This is double loss for us yet we accepted just to redeem reputation in school..But since then, he’s always been too busy to come

Now we’re asking for a refund but he also refused saying the money we paid took care of his flight to Abuja where he claimed we abandoned him.. Meanwhile, he performed at another event 12am after refusing to follow us by 10pm

People please we need help.. Legal help, any kind of help, we’ll appreciate… We have recordings of all the above conversations and calls… We’ll provide them if necessary..

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