Senator Saraki Might Be The Next President Of Nigeria (Do You Agree With These Points?)

Senator Saraki For President

I created this topic not to stir up any form of unethical arguments but to give you some insights on why I feel Senator Saraki might just become Nigeria’s next president.

You probably opened the topic with convictions in your mind. Either You think Buhari will defeat any candidate hands down or Saraki can never become the PDP presidential nominee. Either way, please do us all a favour, set aside your convictions and political beliefs and let’s discuss for a moment.

The 7 points made below show how Saraki can win Buhari. If you disagree, attack the points one by one. If at the end your points are valid, you would have the honour of effectively ending Saraki’s fledgling campaign.

If you stupidly counter with chants of ‘Sai Buhari’ or sai atiku. You simply prove that the candidate you support and his followers are unable to critically reason.

Are you ready?

1) North Central

When it comes to politics, many non-northern Nigerians are scared of the north. They are afraid of their large populace which will support their candidate even With a knife to their throat.

While this mindless follower-ship has been their strength since 1960, it can also be their weakness. The core north is basically the North West and the North East.

Take away North Central and their power has been weakened. Right now Buhari is largely unpopular in most states in the north central: Benue, Jos, Taraba, and Nassarawa due to security reasons.

Kogi due to the ineptitude of the current APC governor, Niger and Kwara due to influence from Babangida and Saraki respectively.

Bukola Saraki is from North Central. If he is made the major opponent of Buhari, the core north will kick against him because he is from north Central.

They feel he is not one of them effectively showing North Central indigenes that they can never be president. This will lead to massive support for Saraki from the North Central.

2. Saraki Brings More To The Table

Atiku, Kwankwaso and other core north candidates will find it hard to even deliver their state in 2019. This is why APC are very confident because Buhari is a legend in the core north.

None of the aforementioned can defeat Buhari in the core north whereas Saraki can deliver 6 states in the North Central. Why give the nominee to a candidate who will be flawlessly beaten by Buhari in his own region?

3. Youths

Let’s face it. The youths have a great part to play in this election. The youths make up a large number of the voting population. When it comes to Buhari vs Saraki for the youths, Buhari will definitely pack to Daura.

Buhari’s contempt for Nigerian youths cannot be hidden. He has insulted them time and time again on the world stage. He has ensured their continuous oppression with SARS.

He has made them unemployed, hungry and frustrated. Saraki is already popular among young Nigerians. Compared to ancient Atiku, Saraki is the clear choice.

4. Public Perception

Currently in Nigeria, the only citizen who has withstood BuhariTinubu, IG of Police and the entire APC is Saraki. Nigerians feel Saraki is smart enough to defeat Buhari.

He trounced the Code of Conduct Bureau witch hunt. He has humiliated the IG of police. He is perceived as smart and intelligent with the way he became senate president and ruined Tinubu’s planned dictatorship of the senate.

5. South West

Admittedly, Tinubu has most south western states in the palm of his hand. This is fortunately for governorship elections only. When it comes to the presidency, yorubas don’t mindlessly follow like the core north.

They will not vote for Buhari just because Tinubu tells them to vote. They will not vote for a candidate that wrecked them economically.

Right now, Osun state indigenes are looking for any opportunity to vote out APC. Fayose will never allow APC to embarrass him a second time with rigging so Ekiti state is in the bag.

Ajimobi is seen as a power drunk fool with the recent demolition spree so Oyo state is up for grabs. Bukola Saraki is also Yoruba so they will feel a connection with him. Among other PDP candidates, none will resonate with the south west like Saraki.

6. The Power Of Many

If the present PDP presidential aspirants come together as one, they will collectively weaken Buhari in the north. If they decide to go as lone wolves or bicker about the nomination outcome, they will strengthen Buhari.

Kwankwaso can get few votes from Kano instead of APC to be gifted with bloc Kano votes. Tambuwal can help with Sokoto and Atiku can help with Adamawa.

Dankwambo can help deliver Gombe. Even if winning is near impossible, a few votes from these areas will go a long way to help Saraki’s PDP to win.

7. The Buhari Curse

Generally let us not forget the abysmal performance of Buhari’s administration. Tribal and religious sentiments aside, Buhari has been the worst Nigerian president.

He simply must go back to Daura. 4 out of 6 geopolitical zones know this. 4 out of 6 geopolitical zones will win PDP the election. Finally 4 out of 6 zones can be delivered by Saraki.

With The Above Points Mentioned, Don’t You Think Saraki Will Become The Next Nigeria President?

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