If You Want To Make It In Life, Please Do This

Ruthless In Moving

If you don’t have people and things you are willing to walk away from, you will fail and still don’t know that you have…

People who are determined to change the world don’t beg for the attention of those who are not determined to change the world.

Henry Ford never went back looking for all the friends that walked away from his idea. He looked for new people who believed in what God said, ‘…behold I do a new thing…’.

Stop struggling with people who think you are going the impossible way. You don’t need them because they don’t need you too.

People who need you will support everything everyone else calls your weakness.

Today, Ford’s idea is generating operating income of $4.342 billion, net income of $3.187 billion, total assets of $208.5 billion and total equity of $24.83 billion. But 113 years ago, some people stood afar and thought that Henry Ford was going nowhere as he lauched out on the 16th of June 1903.

When I tell you that I’m the next revolution, I mean that I have decided to even ignore myself to move ahead.

Learn to ignore people who are not ready to see you go up.

Not all my facebook friends love what I’m doing and its not distracting me from the people who love what I’m doing.

Your life is not a gift to everyone. The Bible said of Jesus, ‘He came to His own and His own did not know Him’.


If you want to succeed in life, don’t give up because most people you trusted have walked away. The people that will stay are coming.

I met a lady on transit years back and found out that she was crying as the bus was on move. As we stopped to refresh, I went to her.

At first, the lady never wanted to talk to me. When she did, she said, ‘I hate now to talk to anything called man’. I then understood why she was crying. Someone has left.

I smiled and said to her, ‘If you close your door because the wrong person just left, you are permanently closing the door against the right person coming’. She heard that and looked up.

By the time we have moved for the next thirty minutes, she was lively and said to me, ‘Thank you. God really sent you to explain this whole outcome to me. I would have made more mistakes without meeting you’.

Today, she is happily married and hate to remember that she once gave herself to such a guy that threw her away.

The wrong people won’t complete your life. Always know this.

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