A lady has taken to her social media platform to cry out following an incident involving the car she was in and a police escort.

According to the lady, their car was hit by an escort following a politician and they were abandoned at the spot not minding if they were still alive or not. The lady also said their vehicle was towed off the road and the police are now demanding the sum of two hundred thousand naira to release the car.

Sharing the post, the lady wrote ;

This happen to us this morning. We were hit by the escort following a politician. After all this they ran away leaving us helpless not even care if we are still alive or not. It happen along ifo road after wasimi Lagos Abeokuta express way. After all this the car was toll to Itori police station Nd they still requesting for #200k before we can get the car. Kindly help to tag the necessary people this is on called for.

According to the timestamp on the post, the sad even happened three weeks ago.