It is good that I should thank his Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto for his concern for peace and harmony in the country. I also took note of his bold request for the arrest of the servant of God, Father Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah, the Catholic Bishop of Nsukka, for speaking the truth against injustice and marginalization as it is the system of the present administration of the country.

However, it appalls me and I believe it embarrasses every sensible human being that a person who claims to be relevant in the 21st century, would want to bypass the perpetrators of evil only to remain hellbent to hunt down the one who condemns evil. This is a clear indication that many are not ready to listen to the voice of reason and hence are not ready to change when it is needed.

Hegel the political philosopher insists that: _”Every nation has a period of its supremacy”. In this period the elite class usually enjoy enormous powers because of their special privileges, which are sometimes ill- arrogated and the case is not different even in this geographical entity called Nigeria. Certainly time is coming when most of the ill-arrogated privileges which some people erroneously hold unto as rights, will cease to be, and everybody will face the true facts of life. Emir Sanusi clearly understood this, when he said that those who hold fast to ignoble and ill arrogated privileges, and fail to make necessary preparations for glorious future, will certainly be disgraced when the privileges are lost.

It is a fact of life, that those who do not change when it is suggested as an opinion, do not improve when it is presented as an advice, or adjust when it is sounded as a warning, but go on to dishonor change in the above three forms, naturally crumble before the change in the form of punishment.

No one has any reason to doubt the freedom of the Sultan in his request for the arrest and prosecution of the servant of God who spoke for equal treatment of the people of the country, whose peace the Sultan claims to protect – a brand of peace that has no accommodation for truth and justice. That brand of peace is certainly the kind of quietude that sometimes lead to disaster. This is precisely because the so-called peace devoid of truth and justice, could only lead to retrogression and doom.

It is unfortunately disgraceful that the Sultan of Sokoto as the Islamic Leader in Nigeria, until now have not requested for the arrest and interrogation of the people who owned up the killing of two Rev Fathers and fifteen others right inside the Church in Benue State, the intermittent massacre of Christians across the country especially in Jos Plateau state, Southern Kaduna etc, and until now, he has not asked about the condition of the transporter that was stabbed in front of the Mosque at Nsukka by someone who came out of the Mosque and also ran back to the same Mosque after the attack.

It is abhorable that it is the very servant of God, Bishop Godfrey Onah whose timely intervention saved the situation, that the Sultan is attacking, but fails to request that his people who committed crimes are held accountable. The Bishop openly appealed to the government and well-meaning
individuals to assist repair the loss, maintaining that the damaged building was a house dedicated to God for worship and as such, should have to be reconstructed. It is this very person that the Sultan is retrogressively requesting to be arrested and prosecuted becuase of the cardinal truth of his sermon.

It beats my imagination how a person at the level of the Sultan of Sokoto could just suspend every reasoning and go in hunt of the servant of God whose timely intervention together with those of the security agents, actually saved the situation and averted further escalation of the event.

To be sincere, the fact that the Sultan refused to consider the salvific fatherly role the very person he wants to hunt down played to save lives and to stop further damages resulting from what his violent man caused and outrightly refuse to look into the case in line with the report of the local imam (who clearly expressed that it was the violent attack on the transporter that brought about the problem), is suggestive of the fact that the Sultan himself instigated the crisis by sending the young man to cause murder that may give him a platform to attack the Bishop for insisting on justice and equity in the country.

This is because until now, the Sultan has made no reference to the lady and the young man whose crime brought about all these chaos (the immediate and direct causes of the incident). The truth is that the sultan is looking for whom he wants.

Let this be clear to everyone; that the Christians operate with the principle of TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, as we are taught by Jesus Christ, the son of God, is just an expression of meekness and by no means an indication of weakness.

Fr Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah had just demanded for justice and equal treatment in this country under workable principles. It is better that you, as a religious leaders, understand him and join him in that holy campaign for the reign of justice and truth, that creates room for real peace and harmony in the country.

Taking into consideration that there is no weapon as strong as truth, the servant of God cannot relent on saying the truth about the state of affairs in this country. This is because according to DJC John: *”Truth is that irresistible force that needs no assistance to succeed nor maintenance to survive”.*

However, if you prefer to misinterpret him you are free, just be on the lead, you will receive an appropriate response. But take note according to ADC John *”Anybody that gets jittery when the truth is spoken has gotten an enough signal to change his ways”* May God bless those who cherish peace engendered by truth and justice.

Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah, (Living for Truth).