*By Rev Fr DJC Attah.*


Should Buhari and his Fulani allies succeed in this their *Domination Agenda,* the whole of the other tribes in Nigeria like the Hausas will be subjugated and dominated by the Fulanies. The main goal of their attempt is to reduce every other people to a working tool. No wonder Badu Sanusi and his Fulani Nationality Movement claimed:

_”We have said it over and over, that Nigeria is the only inhertrance we have in Africa and anywhere in the world._ _This land belongs to us, from Sokoto to the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. This was the destiny bestowed on Uthman Dan Fodio…_
_Our men are waiting. We are eager to fight. We are boiling with the zeal to actualize our dream…”_

(Press Statement by the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM), after the killings in Plateau State. June 25, 2018.
Signed by:
Badu Salusi Ahmadu
National President, and Umar Amir Shehu
National Secretary.)

*”The denial of the obvious is not humility!”*

The sooner every other Nigerian understands that a serious danger is looming, his race is under threat of extinction and his continual existence is not assured, his identity is about to be obliterated, and his interest is not protected under this Buhari/Fulani agenda the better. Such understanding will enable people to make up their minds either to insist on their freedom and identity (with high probability of death and loss of property) or to loose their identity, to slave under the Fulanies and live under the pretentious and unholy peace. (This is because according to the statements issued by the leaders of the killers, they are ready and out to destroy you if you are not ready to loose your land and your identity, hence they said:

_”We warn that nothing will be able to save those raising their voices against us and Allah. Nothing will be left behind, from the East, West and Middle Belt except those who accept the creation of Allah and the leadership place of Fulani._ _The Middle-Belt, the West and the East should be prepared. We are already here._
_Insha Allah, we shall take this battle across the sea, on the land, in the air, on the mountains, in every territory currently occupied by the Kafirs. This is our position. This is our destiny. For those who think they can stop or continue to conspire against us, we wish them good luck”._

(Press Statement by the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM), after the killings in Plateau State. June 25, 2018.
Signed by:
Badu Salusi Ahmadu
National President, and Umar Amir Shehu
National Secretary.)


It is important for one to acknowledge the fact that this movement has little or nothing to do with religion, yet she garbs herself in a religious apparel. This is because their neglect to the provisions of the Quran and their disobedience to the Natural Law – (Do Good, Avoid Evil), makes it clear that they are simply mundane.
A critical observation reveals that the version of Islam they claim to profess has no regard for Human Blood and has very little or nothing to do with God and absolutely has no room for morality. It is more of a system that is poised for territorial conquest and occupation of land, subjugation, domination and suppression of people and usurpation of power.
It is a system that is bereaved of conscience, guided by no moral cannon (but displays the Quran the vital provisions of which she never cared to follow). It is a system that has a mere religious outlook but in practices is the most irreligious of all systems. She sacrilegiously toys with human life, rejoices over blood flow and celebrates human pain. Hence, their main leader “Muhammadu Buhari” would neither pay attention to the bitter cry of the people of the Middle Belt nor respond to their request to bring the killers to book. Hence, the following appeal made by the victimized people of Jos fell on his usual deaf ears:
_”Just a few days ago and immediately after the genocide in Plateau, the Miyetti Allah claimed responsibility and their justification was that over 300 cows were stolen by some indigenous Berom youths. In all of these cases, the leadership of the Miyetti Allah has not been arrested nor has the government banned this murderous organization._
_We call on the President to immediately direct arrest of the leadership of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore and Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) for investigation and prosecution. The President should also immediately direct the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to set in motion the process for the proscription of these two murderous organisations.”_

Press Statement after the Plateau killings by the Middle Belt People’s Forum signed by
Dr. Pogu Bitrus
President, Middle Belt Forum (MBF)


This Buhari/Fulani movement means no good for the rest of the Nigerians. As a politico sociocultural system of an avaricious economic interest, profoundly propelled by greed, with little or no interest in the Almighty God of virtue and love, she is out to kill, loot and possess.
With these manifest dubious intention, aggressive attacks against people’s life and property and unholy strategies aimed at power usurpation, one is left with no doubt, that if they are allowed to have their way, their menace may leave nobody unscathed.
The so-called Fulani Herdsmen is just a mere title, they are just Buhari’s agents of subjugation. (The federal government under Buhari that claims helpless over the herdsmen, has the forces she used for election in Ekiti State, the forces she used manipulate 2019 election to her favour but she claims helpless over the terrorist killers. Buhari is really up to something). Anyone who is yet to be convinced of Buhari’s involvement and commitment to the ethnic cleansing should listen to Amanpour of the CNN news, she said:

_”By all definitions and descriptions, the Nigeria’s so called herdsmen are terrorists and if President Buhari doesn’t believe so, then it would be difficult for anyone to reasonably absolve him (Buhari) from complicity”_
_”I cover wars and crisis as a journalist, I think I know, and the world also knows how terrorists operate”_
– Christiane Amanpour – CNN News.

By implications Buhari knows that they are terrorists but would not declare them as such because they are accomplishing his assigned task.
Let it therefore be known to everybody that if these agents of subjugation are not well handled they may likely destroy every existing leadership structure or organizational structure, take over the management of every viable economic system, destroy the ones they can not manage, kill the leaders and the strong men of the people, occupy the land, use our children and possess our women. These had been their threat through Adamu Muhammad, who said:

_”If you don’t want to give us your cursed land, we will rear our cattle not only on your farmlands but in your churches. And if you try to stop us, we would killed your chicken hearted men like rabbits then turn your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to our sex slaves like we have always done. It is either you give the whole of South to us to use as grazing reserve or we soak it with your blood”._

If these blood thirsty men are not controlled, they will pull our civilization back to the primitive era. Be sure, the likely result is that they will automatically turn your children to alimajiris and your children will permanently loose identity and the idea of homelands will be strange to your descendants.


The Church Ecclesiastical Provinces or the State governments may turn to became caliphate.
The Dioceses and the Local Government Authorities may turn to became Emirates.
The parishes and the Autonomous Communities may turn to become Imamates. This is the master plan the Fulanies are making in collaboration with the federal government under Buhari. This fact is authenticated by Buhari’s recent approach to the issues of killing. He advised the people of the Middle Belt and the South through his Media Officer Femi Adesina to release their lands to the cattle rearers. Insisting that the people should better lose their ancestral lands than lose their lives.
This so-called advice portrays that he knows the killers and their intentions and as the person in charge of the people’s security suggests that he is the man behind the mask and he was proffering a solution that would make the mission very easy for him. He sold that defeated man’s idea through Adesina to the people of the Middle Belt, the East and the West in order to weaken their self determination and to make their conquest cheap.
You should therefore, take note of the fact that your identity, life and land is not just been threatened by the Fulanies, but by the Federal government of Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari. (If Buhari says that he is not the leader of this killers, let him just authorize the communities to defend themselves against the killers. It will then be clear to them and to the whole world that without the Federal government of Nigeria the killers are no force).


The likely fate of the leaders of the people is: The Governors or the provincial heads control large number of people and therefore, naturally should be understood as powerful, such public officials should be murdered to eliminate the possibility of resistance. The loyal people under them are also most likely to be killed. The strong ones should face the same fate in order to make the place safe for the invaders.
With the elimination of all the important people of the state or the Ecclesiastical Provence, the place will turn to became a caliphate with a strong Sultan to man it.

Coming down to the Local Government or the Diocesan level, the Chairmen of the Local Governments or the Bishops of the Dioceses may also likely be killed because they are also powerful and have people under them. Their territories the invaders may turn to became Emirates. The loyal people under them may be killed especially the strong ones and others may be retained but must all be reduced to serving slaves.

However as the dioceses automatically became an Emirates, the survival of the Bishop depends on his personality. The Bishop will be killed if they suspect that he may resist them with time, but if they do not suspect disobedience from him they may retain him but should subjugate him to serve as a Senior Slave whose servitude will compel others to submission.

The parishes and the autonomous communities will immediately turn to be imamates, the igwes and the cabinet or the parish priest and the parish council automatically will appear in the danger lists, because, the invaders know that these people have tested power and some privileges, and would suspect their resistance, and the natural thing these should be to silent them. It is therefore likely that they will at least kill 70% of them, the death of the parish priest or the Igwe being compulsory unless they see the parish priest useful in advancement of their objectives. The remaining 30% of the leaders should be left to serve in controlling others in the kind of governance that may be called SERVITUDE AS EXAMPLES.


The rich and the powerful men and women of the conquered territories will face a great trouble. Their trouble will not necessarily be because of disobedience or resistance but knowing the nature of these terrorists as a sociocultural system with morbid interest on wealth, the money bags will be in trouble. Even their denial of their faith as Christians and submission to the Islamic religious demands may not save them. Following the movement of these people they are just a godless set of people out for domination of people and control of power and wealth. They will likely kill the rich people in other to control their money and their investments. They must of necessity kill the rich people, because it wouldn’t be possible for them to control the sweat and wealth of the people freely if they are not first silenced.


To create a conducive atmosphere for perpetual domination over the invaded lands, the people’s identity, religion, tradition and culture must be destroyed and the idea of homeland will be killed in the people’s minds. Under this condition the communities completely lose identity, hence they remain human beings but have lost the major characteristics of a people. They will then be *humans but not a people.*


The youths will not be left out of the game. Boko Haram which means- Western Education is Evil, will be made practical. Schools will be closed in other to control and restrict western civilization. Opportunities will be narrowed to keep the surviving youths from rapid development that may necessitate freedom or may encourage the people to question the domination of the invaders.
The youths may be forced to move from place to place in order to kill the idea of family or village backgrounds or homelands. They would then be human beings and not a people, as we have many of such today in the Northern Nigeria.


Parents will face serious and massive destruction. As it is not easy to make one a slave in the presence of his parents, many parents have to die in other to make the enslavement of their children easy.
This is for two reasons
1. Slaves are needed to serve the superhumans that has the right always to lord it over others.
2. The children should be reduced to slaves so that their destiny and interest may completely be turned off leadership or self determination.
The massive death of parents is also important so that history may as well die with them.
Most of our histories are not documented but are transmitted orally. The death of parents may therefore lead to the death of history and without history men remain only humans but not a people.


The children have the worst share of the trouble because:
1. The survivors have longer time to endure the evil.
2. They as children of a conquered people and automatically are slaves and should remain slaves all their lives.
3. Poverty will be consolidated for them that they may move from alimajiri to artisans.
4. They will be denied of every noble opportunities to keep them from seeking freedom or rising to be at par with the children of the so called “Born to Rule”.


The conquered slaves should be denied every reasonable opportunity to grow, because they are no people. They are just instruments of services and should demand no rights.
The essence of their existence is to serve the rulers. The true situation is that as the conquered people they and their children are meant to labour and serve, while the rulers and their children are maent to rule and enjoy the fruit of the land.
The invaders have access to the best of the land including education. For the slaves, the privileges given them and the rights allowed them are those that would sustain them and keep them fit to serve.


They have tested this in the Northern Nigeria and it worked. The people own the land but the Fulanies own the government and control of the people’s destiny. According to professor Grundu in Network Interview with Sunrise Daily Television:

“In 1804 – 1808. Fulanis came in from Guinea to the Northern part of Nigeria, led by Usman dan Fodio .He lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the northern Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms through war. By 1810, Fulanis had already conquered all Hausas”.

(Professor Zecharys Gundu Department of Archeology
Ahmadu Bello University).

We have a people in the North who have no history: Why? They are the slaves serving others. They are the graduate alimagiris that give birth to alimajiris. Their status is not much better than that of the cow they herd. However, it is better than that of the Christians. They are more valuable than the unconquered people, because even though they have no real rights in the system, they play important roles. They are the working machines designated to serve the ruling lords. As machines they are configured like rurborts to do with out reflection or question whatever the ruling lords command. The same thing they did to the North they are aiming to do to the Middle Belt, East and West.
The capital question the stakeholders of the Middle Belt and the South should ask is:
*What happened to the stakeholders of the North, after the inversion of the jihadists?* BE INFORMED YOUR CASE CANNOT BE DIFFERENT!


The truth is that the Fulanies migrated from Guinea, conquered the Hausas, occupied their lands, subjugated them, enslaved them, narrowed their opportunities but maintain them as good working tools. Hence, the land is Hausa’s but the control and management is Fulani’s. Check the Emirates and find out who heads them. (cf Professor Gundu above).

To labour and serve are the lots of the slaves while to leisure and rule are the rights of the kings and princes. Look at the composition of Nigeria Armed Forces and you will see clearly that to leisure and rule are the rights of the Lords.


Do you think that the wealth of this great nation that the Fulanies control is not enough to train and settle all those niusance alimajiris and the graduate alimajiris? Do you think that they cannot improve the economy of this nation and better the people’s standard of living? No, the status quo is maintained for three reasons.
1. To maintain a difference between the born to rule and the ruled.
2. To ensure constant supply of their slavery service.
3. Economic balance disposes people for reflection and mental development. This is because when a slave lives above the struggle for daily bread, he may desire high education that may dispose him to question his social status. This is why poverty is consolidated for the ruled while wealth and opportunities are consolidated for the born to rule.


The saving truth is naturally bitter in the ear. As it is observed the people that would face the greatest calamity if these evil plans of these godless people should succeed seem to be thoughtlessly insensitive and passive about the impending horror.
The Governors, the Bishops, the Overseers, the Founders, the LG Chairmen, the Priests, the Igwes and all the People In Charge of the People ( *PICP* ) are simply doomed, because their chance of survival is slim.
They are in charge of the very thing the invaders are coming for (the people, the land and the wealth). The invaders have their goals as the domination of the people, the occupation of the land and the control over the peoples wealth. The very thing under the custody of the (PICP). According to the scriptures, no one can loot the house of the strong man without subduing him first.
Therefore the elimination of every member of PICP is a condition for the success of the unholy mission. This is because the invaders cannot rest until all former stakeholder of the conquered land are laid under the dust.
The same fate awaits the rich men of the land, because the invaders cannot really take over and control of the wealth of the rich without having them killed.
*This simply put means that the success of these heartless invaders is as good as the obituary announcement of all the: Governors, Bishops, LG Chairmen, Church Founders, Church Overseers, Arch Deacons, Igwes, Obars, Parish Priests, Political Leaders and Rich Men.* This explained in plane terms means that there is only little hope of survival for the rich and the leaders of the people. Let it therefore be known to all the *people in charge of the people (PICP) that their survival depend on the action they take now.*
To survive they should make use of whatever office they occupy and whatever opportunity at their disposal to resist this BUHARI/FULANI DOMINATION AGENDA.

*Personal Recommendation*

It is God that created your tribe, therefore, serving her, defending her, protecting her and providing for her is a good service to God.
1. Love yourself.
2. Love your family.
3. Love your tribe.
4. Identity with your tribe closely.
5. Offer yourself and your wealth to serve your tribe.
6. Be on the lead about issues pertaining to your tribe.
7. Use all your exposure and connections to serve your tribe.
8. Let no religious sentiments, political aspirations or business ambitions interfere with your love, concern or commitment to the cause of your tribe especially with regard to development and security.
9. Welcome other tribes as brothers and neighbors but guard jealously your identity and property.
10. As the situation demands, remember, that charity begins at home and don’t allow any idea that doesn’t respect the dignity and legitimacy of your tribe to survive.
11. No matter how small or poor your tribe may be reject every idea that projects your tribe as inferior to any other tribe because it is fallacious and unholy.
12. Always insist on the rights of your tribe.
13. Be the first to die in efforts to defend your tribe.
14. Don’t allow anybody or system to boast of shedding the blood of your tribe’s man.
15. The security of your tribe is your duty, therefore, don’t expect it from elsewhere.
16. Be a major in the game of building your tribe socially and economically.
17. Whatever good thing you have seen any place in the world fight to replicate it in your tribe.
18. Be generous and selfless to your tribe.
19. Don’t expect the reward for what you have done to your tribe from man.
20. Avoid infringing into other tribes’ rights.
21. Don’t incur God’s wrath or injure an innocent tribe.
22. Place God first, and be religious in all your undertaking.
23. Be always ready for dialogue.
24. If Nigeria becomes one do all these things for your nation.

Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah. Catholic Diocese of Nsukka (Living for truth).