TMZ reports that French stylist Maher Jridi filled in as Nicki Minaj’s stylist in 2017, where he gave the “Idol” rapper a few threads to wear for Paris Fashion Week.

The stylist ended up renting the clothing from a current company, anticipating that Minaj would return the chosen items in an auspicious way. Clearly, Nicki Minaj did not, however it’s indistinct whether the choice was an odious one or essentially a momentary lapse in judgment. Regardless, bags have been stopped, and Jridi is requesting equity.

Obviously, Jridi is being sued for $74 thousand dollars by the closet company, who have chosen to consider him in charge of the missing clothes.

No doubt he is holding Minaj responsible, and has made lawful moves to guarantee that she’s good to take care of the expenses. That, as well as refering to “emotional strain” caused by the process, however it’s not by any means clear regardless of whether he’ll seek after extra charges.

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