*The Church of Christ vs The New world order*

It is important that the Church and the members of the Church should be very careful and highly selective in actions and utterances at this very particular time, in which a thing that has never been recorded in history struck the whole world and had seriously injured the Church.

We should take note also of the fact that there is a serious demonic upsurge across the globe and that “the new world order” (the system that is spearheaded by some global big names… that are out to stand against everything the Church stands for), is on a determined onslaught against the holy.

They are strongly behind gay marriage, abortion, contraception, bestiality, homosexuality, depopulation, secularization of the sacred etc.
It is also important to note that some of these big names are now reappearing in relationship with Covid19. These names are associated with the Covid19, either for its creation, the misleading falsehood about the cause, hidden information about its outbreak, its wide spread, the administration of untested Covid19 vaccine to Africans or its alleged deceptive control through compulsory vaccination.

At present, I have no conclusion to make about it, but I insist that: *we as the Church must be very careful and highly selective in our actions and utterances, especially in connection with this human engendered crisis.*
_I insist on this because, the creators of this ugly monster called covid19, must necessarily be interested in the attention it commands the world reaction to it. Taking into cognisance that the Church is the light of the world, she is likely the primary target of these evil geniuses.

This is because, anybody that comes up to tell you that “there are only six days in a week,” knowing that it not true, cannot just go home to relax but would naturally keep close watch on you,in order to know whether he has really made a fool of you or not.
(For one who is sensible, he will always present the imposed, new and incorrect teaching as the product of the author and if possible, place the correct thing side by side with it.
On the other hand, for the empty unsuspecting gullible folk, he may swallow the imposed, new and incorrect teaching hook, line and sinker and may go about presenting it as his own, only to be punished by history as a vendor of venom).
For the author of the incorrect teaching, he knows that for the first person he did not succeed but for the second he had not only succeeded in ruining him but through him can enslave the whole world.

It is clearly observed that globally the secular government is cashing on this Covid19 to deal with the Church. Do not tell me that even the mosques are shut down, because the Muslims never needed the presence of the Holy Spirit to be sustained, they are sustained by military weapons. Because their god is the god of bloodshed, comfortable with falsehood, whose kingdom is advanced by violence, they have no need of the Holy spirit whose presence is attracted by the holy and warm fellowship of the servants of God. On the other way round the Church is sustained by the Holy Spirit whose presence is guaranteed by the gathering of the Christians (Mt 18:18-18), and communal worship of the Most High God ( Act 4:23-31).

We should not loose sight of the fact that in as much as there is sickness and death associated with this human created crisis called the Corona Virus, deliberately created lies overshadows the entire affair. For this reason we as the Church, should be very careful, _lest we serve an unholy master we know not._
This is because, I suspect that those who stage managed this crisis are somewhere watching how the world (including the Church) is reacting to it. The result of their observation will most likely help them for another stage in their avowed determination to plunge the whole world into total darkness. They have schemed God out of the world program and they are bent on turning the Church irrelevant.
However, it is obvious that every human being, including those big names know that the Church is God’s own establishment, the light of the nations and hence the hope of human survival
In the nutshell, let the Church be clearly aware that she may regret any commitment to covid19 that is not handled according to the principle of *”MY DIALOGUE WITH MY ENEMY”.*


Masks are now being imposed on human beings as part of qualification for public appearance.

1. The African Traditional Religion is used to masks, the Muslims are used to masks. Should the Christians compulsorily wear masks?
2. Masks limits the intake of oxygen that is essential for human life. Should we take the risk?
3. What is going to be the long term effect of the use of masks?
4. Is the use of masks not going to ease broad day robbery?
5. Do the people that impose the mask on the people really use the mask themselves?
6. Are the people imposing the mask showing the same concern in the distribution of palliatives?


1. What is the different between the days people are allowed to go to the markets for business and the days people do not go to the markets, in relationship with the spread of the Covid19?
2 On the selected days that people are allowed to go to the markets, they freely move and touch each other but church activities are under strict check.
3. For now some markets open in the morning and close in the afternoon. Does this timing indicate that the so called virus observe time?
4. Many so called covid19 discharged patients, testified that they were either intimidated or bribed to admit that they had the virus. Many of them also reported that they received no practical treatment, but were released when those who deceitfully detained them in the hospital felt satisfied with their deceit.
*If in spite of all the evidences of covid19 conspiracy, you are yet to understand all these as a stage managed drama, then you need an extra ordinary treatment*


1. There is a claimed lockdown of interstate movement but we see people coming and going across state boarders everyday.
2. Police officers are deployed to enforce lockdown, but anybody who can afford a fat bribe, can freely operate his business.
3. Some people were killed, others maimed and others have their business wares damaged by the law enforcement agents simply because they did not release money for bribe.
4. Police officers insist on road block and with bare hands collect bribes from the road users under the same government that is strictly checking the church activities.
5. Trucks are moving youths from the Northern Nigeria to the South under the interstate lockdown, with zero reaction from the government that is imposing the lockdown, and we are religiously observing the lockdown.
6. It is claimed that there is palliatives for the people, but we all witnessed that the people in charge just played the usual Nigerian politics. (It was so bad that the economic worth of the so called palliatives meant for a whole town, could not pay for the fuel spent from the point of collection to the point of distribution). Should we at our right senses smile at this?
7. How should the Church react to this mockery palliative distribution?
*What should we as the Church and the conscience of the society say about all these or is everything about Covid19 too sacrosanct to be addressed?*


We really need to know who exactly it is that is closing the church doors. In the recent times there is an apparent eclipse of the sanctuary. The worshippers are forcefully barred from the place of worship, even in the countries and states where there had never been any case of covid19.
The most alarming, disheartening and surprising aspect is that the church doors were forced closed, even in the devil remote areas that are neither known by any government nor feels the presence of any government.
Who indeed is closing the church doors?
i. The Federal Government?
ii. The State Government?
iii. The Local Government?
iv. The Traditional Rulers?
v. The Community Government?
vi. The Church Government?
vii. The Church Leaders?
viii. Misguided Church Officials?
ix. Tepid Church officials?
x. Tepid Church Members?
xi. The Enemies of the Church?
xii. The Agents of Devil in our midst?
xiii. The Evil opportunists hiding in the Church?
xiv. The agents of the New World Order?
xv. Enemies of prayer?
xvi. The Government or the Church Leaders?
xvii. Who is glorified by the protracted strictly locked church doors?


1. With the lockdown, the secular world has now observed that the church doors could be shut even during the most important season of the Church.
2. With the checked Church activities, the government control over the Church is multiplied.
3. The weak members of the Church became weaker.
4. Some members have relapsed to the old unholy life.
5. Some used the opportunity to do much harm to the Church and to the sincere members of the Church.
6. The misled officials of the Church are attacking the Church because of covid19.
7. Some members allowed themselves to be used against the Church and her members.
8. Many have reasons now to claim that the church leaders do not believe in the omnipresence of God.
9. The men behind the covid19 curtain can now conclude some Church leaders as vision less and canal.


What are we fighting?
1. Is the battle against the spread of the sickness or against the program of the Church.
2. Is the battle between the Church and the government?
3. Does anybody remember the original designers of covid19 and their intention as they fight to enforce the lockdown?
4. Do the Church officials gain anything from the lockdown?
5. Is the fight for the enforcement of the lockdown fronted by the Church officials really meant to stop the spread of the virus or are some Church officials hypnotised and manipulated to fight the Church.
6. Does this man created crisis worth the dichotomy it has created in the society, with special reference to the Church?
7. What do the church members at the vanguard of the strict observation of the lockdown really out to achieve?
8. Are the Church Leaders aware of the fact that they are being watched and that all their activities of today (for and against the church), will certainly form the history of tomorrow?
9. How much do your action connected with covid19 reflect that of a loyal faithful and obedient disciple ready to walk with the master up to Calvary?
10. Who really do you intend to satisfy: Yourself, the society or the Church?
11. Is the social distancing, as imposed on everybody now, really in consonance with:
i. Do not leave Jerusalem until you are clothed in power (Lk 24:49)?
ii. Where two or three of you are gathered in my name, there I am in your midst (Mt18:20)?
iii. And when Paul had laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke with tongues and prophesied (Act 19:6).


My worry is that, as everybody and every system, including the sacred, are groping in this artificial darkness, the designers of this evil drama, have turned the entire world into their “Mega Theatre”, and they are somewhere watching their designed scripts played out.
I am most horrified by the thought that, they are somewhere discussing their successes and failures. Rating every participant (including the Church), according to its gullibility and its sensibility. Assessing how much its gullibility has affected its stability. And for those who out of their sensibility offered a sufficient resistance, they are considering how much their resistance could sustain them in being. Having rated the damage this their first attempt to hold the whole world to ransom caused the human race, they are most likely now preparing for the next step to their unholy goal.
Counting their success, they are likely saying now:
1. Every human being believed us.
2. Every secular government joined us.
3. Few system doubted us.
4. Even the Church did not question us.
5. Every system in the world worked for us.
6. Every human being shared in the suffering because of us.
7. Every system is tremorred.
8. Every economy is injured, shaken and destabilized.
9. Every government is confused.
10. Even the so called sacred institutions could not discover our trick.
11. Every system could be deceived.
12. The world can never be the same again.

Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah, Catholic Diocese of Nsukka. (Living for Truth).