Nigerians on Twitter ae fuming with anger over a recent video of former BBNaija housemate, Ozo.

ozo responds

Ozo paid a visit to celebrity fashion designer, Mai Atafo but what really got fans talking was the fact that a UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER opened the car door for him when he arrived. Fans are saying the police officer’s action is demeaning to the entire Nigerian Police Force.

See video below ;

A Medical Doctor with the handle @fimiletoks reacted thus ;

This police officer is meant to protect 200m Nigerians but here he is escorting and opening car doors for a BBN contestant. Why does he need a police escort? Can’t he get private guards or bouncers? What sort of country is this?

There is no police post in my town which has about 3000 Nigerians. They have resort to self help with hunters and vigilante groups but we have police officers running errands and opening doors for BBN contestants and yahoo boys in Lagos.

This is not the Nigeria of my dream !!!