jealous boyfriend identified as Ross Hunter, 26, has been handed a 7-year jail sentence for stabbing a man who sent his girlfriend a friend request on Facebook.

The suspect who plunged a kitchen knife into one Aaron Hogan during a lunch-time confrontation at a bus stop, had the ‘wrong end of the stick’ as Mr Hogan only wanted to chat with his girlfriend.

The stab victim who tried to escape by climbing over a six-foot gate in an alleyway last October, was helped by a street resident after he collapsed. Hunter on the other hand, got into his car and fled the scene.

Mr. Hogan who lost half his liver as a result of the attack and contracting an infection which required a blood transfusion, now has a 12-inch scar down his chest and said he was “a nervous wreck”. The jealous boyfriend from Middleton, West Yorkshire who stabbed the man for sending his girlfriend a friend request, was described as a cowardly and ‘a nasty piece of work’ by the judge.

The convict who reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges, was said to have shown some insight into what he had done and was genuinely remorseful. He was however warned by the judge that he will be going to prison for life, if such incident occurred again.

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