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How To Create The Life You Want [Check This Out]

…Your life is in your mouth…

What do you always talk about?

The bible said, ‘The just shall walk not by sight but by faith (Spirit)”. I have been in situations that looked so terrible that humanly, I could see no way out. What did I do? I opened my mouth and speak my way out.

In the beginning, God saw the earth void and full of darkness, and He began to speak things into being. When Jesus was here, He said, ‘If you believe in me, the works I do, you shall do even greater works”. Everything Jesus did, He did by speaking to things, people and situations. Sometimes, we labour over things our president have been privileged to change.

I went to an office and saw a lady kneeling before her superior begging him not to sack her. The man was adamant and shoved her. People keep saying to her, ‘Hmm, your own is finished. Make sure you get his attention and continue to beg him’. I called her attention and said to her, ‘Don’t beg him anymore. He is taking advantage of his position against you people. Go back into your office and quietly speak what you want from him and he will obey you from wherever he is. Others laughed as I said it. The lady took to my instructions. The next day, I was there to conclude my transactions and she rushed to me with others and said, ‘Pastor, you are a great man of God…. ‘. I said to them, ‘Everyone is a great man or woman of God. You don’t need to call me that. Call yourself first a great man or woman’. The woman continued and told me how she called the man’s name and said, ‘I will never beg you for anything anymore. This office belongs to me and not you”. The same man returned in the evening and announced to them how Lagos head quarter suddenly transferred him against their normal way of transfer. The woman realized that by the time she was speaking out, Lagos office were on a meeting and the suggestion to send the man to another branch came up.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree and went His way and it dried up after. Sometimes it seems your words are not working, they are working. Each word you say has spiritual consequences. When a woman says, ‘Men are not trustful’, she has created the wrong man for herself. When a woman is coming out of a failed relationship, she only has to keep saying, ‘Oooooh, my great husband is nearby. The wrong door has closed for his own door to be opened. He will find me soonest. When he sees me, he won’t pass my by”. She doesn’t need to brood over the failed relationship and keep cursing the guy that left and herself. She needs to start blessing her life. Keep saying, ‘The rest of my life is the best of my life’.

If you don’t know things you say with your mouth, you won’t be sure of things that will be happening in your life. Many people don’t know the source of their troubles. They assume that someone back in their village is responsible for their woes in the city. They are wrong.

Words created the world. The bible said, ‘He shaped the earth by His word”. We are the offsprings of God having His full nature and capacity to do the same things He do.

The day I was coming into the city of Abuja, I was conscious of when we will get to the boundary separating Abuja and Kogi state. The moment we get there, I spoke few words and said, ‘I am not coming into you to beg for a living. I am a life creator. I am a wealth creator. I am a success creator. I am influence creator. I am a giver. I am a life changer. You will not make me come short of any of these things I am. If you have stopped others, you won’t stop me. No negative influence in you will swallow me. I am coming into you as a light. The good, bad and ugly will listen to me. I am going to drive the multitude….”. My words still stand. I have been conscious of those words. Each time it seems that something wants to change things I have confessed, I speak back my words and things will take shape.

Your life is in your words. There is power in the spoken words. Bishop David Oyedepo said, ‘A closed mouth is a closed destiny’. You can’t override this statement.

How terrible is life to people who are conscious of speaking words like, ‘Tings are terrible’, ‘fuck you’, ‘I am messed up’, ‘The country is bad’, ‘I am not sure of myself anymore’, ‘How can I come out of this problem? “, ‘Good men are difficult to find’, ‘Good women are difficult to find these days’. When words like these are all yours, don’t expect good news in your life.

I have met terrible people and they become nice to me. How did I achieve that? I don’t look at how they are. I speak over their life and command their spirit to yield to me. Most of them hurt people but they won’t be able to hurt me. I go to where prostitutes and thieves are and tell them that they need change. None of them shall ever challenged my words. They always ask, ‘What shall we do to change?

When you know the power of your mouth, things will never get worse but always better.

Every word in you is a working spirit. They are not just sound. Jesus said, ‘The words I speak into you, they are Spirit and life’. You have the same word. When you speak negatively, you put your power in the hands of the enemy against yourself. This is why Jesus advice, ‘When you are brought before your offender, don’t be in rush to speak a word. The Holy Spirit will put a word in you to speak’. There are right words and wrong words.

You need to forget what your parents have told you about themselves and yourself. Forget all the nasty stories about your background. Speak what your want. Live an intentional life. Don’t say good today and change your words tomorrow. If the storms rise, don’t change your confession. If what you see as a problem grows, grow your words. Keep saying what you want to see happen and not what is happening.

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