“God bless the day I replied you” – Nigerian Lady set to wed man whose messages she ignored for 2 years

In Africa, particularly in Nigeria, many ladies are brought up to act coy to men and not heed their advances immediately so that they are not perceived as cheap.

Also, many ladies believe that if a man is persistent then he has no plans of toying with her heart.

Here is a pretty Nigerian lady who is set to get married to the love of her life, Maxwell, after ignoring his Facebook messages for two years.

In a heart-warming post on Facebook, Clare explained that Maxwell had been sending her messages for four years and she ignored them for about two years.

Seeing that Maxwell was quite persistent, Clare decided to respond to his messages. Thankfully, this has led to the beginning of their life together as man and wife.

Clare wrote:

“God has decided to take this journey of four-years to its permanent site. It all started on Facebook. He kept saying hi on via messenger for good two-years, I kept ignoring his messages. God bless the day I replied to you.

Me: Hey young man what’s your problem?

Him: You are the solution to my problem.

Long story short. In a few days, I’ll marry the love of my life. #MaxClare19. August 10th is d date..”

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