Get GBInsta 1.60 Latest Version Apk For Android 2019


Instagram is the application which helps the users to share the images and videos on Social media. Instagram is the best platform whenever you want to share the images and videos and real-time stories. If you are sharing any images then there are some limitation in Instagram and that is you cannot download the images and videos with the help of Instagram. Today, I will be telling you about an application called as GBInsta which is the great mod and helps to download the images and videos on your smartphone.

Instagram is good in terms of privacy and you can share your images and videos and no one can download it. The only way you can download the image is by taking a screenshot and they need to crop the images which is really a big task and no one wants to work that hard on cropping the image and save it on their phone. If you will crop the picture it will surely pixelate the image.

You can easily crop the images and stories images. This will surely pixelate the image but when it comes to videos you can’t do anything. Today, I will tell you the way you can easily save the images, videos, and stories on your smartphone without root. That’s sound amazing right? Let’s dive into it.

Download GB Insta


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