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Customized air-conditioned Keke Napep spotted in Anambra state (Photos)


A beautifully customized air-conditioned keke napep was spotted in Anambra state and everyone is loving it and praising the creativity of our Igbo brothers.

Looks like a new model of Keke Napep will be rolling out soon but this version will be more conducive and would give a very enjoyable ride. This can be called the sophisticated version of Keke Napep.

The fully airconditioned Keke Napep looks like a mini car, much different from the regular tricycle you know which can be spotted in almost every part of Nigeria.

A lady was picture test driving the gold colour, a colour that is definitely different from the usual yellow or green Keke Napep are known to have.

“Senior advocate in the demonic world” – Nigerian man accused of marrying another lady after dating a girl for 18 years


A Nigerian man by the name Shadrack Okpomhe, has taken to his social media page to call out another man named Olorogun Jude Akporu.

In his post, Shadrack claimed Akporu dated his female friend for 18 years since their secondary school days and has dumped her to marry another lady.

Nigerian man accused

Shadrack wrote

He Dated my friend for 18yrs and dumped her to marry another lady.

O KARmA, I call on you to visit this man Asap

My religion doesn’t permit us or me sometimes to call anyone a demon, but this particular man here makes me equate him not only to a demon, but a senior advocate in the demonic world, sometimes I wonder why ladies commit suicide just because of failed relationships or marriage in as much I don’t encourage it, but there are some cases they got no option than to take their own life, but this won’t be the case because karma isn’t a bitch anymore but an asshole in the hood.

The pictures of the man here is named Olorogun Jude Akporu he has been dating a friend of mine for the past 18yrs, from secondary school down to higher institution till on Friday night 10-5-2019, my friend does alot of things for him to make him happy at all cost, before then he blocked my friend on facebook and chats her up only on WhatsApp just because of his new found love, each time. My Friend talks about it, he gives her hope that she shouldn’t worry that he in charge , to the extent he extorted my friend over a million naira , few weeks ago, the banns of marriage was announced in the church behold it was Jude whose name was mentioned, and when we heard about it, I called my friends attention who couldn’t even believe her eyes anymore, only for this man to come around and tell my friend that, his parents are the ones forcing the lady on him that it was never his intention to marry that lady at same time she is the one he loves, this went on and on with much plea and crocodile ? tears ? .

He even encouraged my friend to get pregnant for him so that he can use that as a tool to cancel the already proposed marriage.

Just yesterday this wolf in a sheep clothing wedded Another lady

People like you make ladies go extra mile to Commit suicide or life unbearable for who causes them pain, and If my friend should go an extra mile to make this happen, I won’t blame her for anything because you choose to be heartless and inhuman, what you won’t want another person to do to you as a Person because it hurts and might lead to what one never planned for.

Seriously Mr Olorogun Jude Snooty, pray to God to forgive you your sins

Now u are happily married and according to your facebook status you talk about been a honest person, what does it take to be honest when you ain’t honest to your own self?

What has happened to your conscience?

Did you sell it or it’s been stolen from you or you lost it?

Karma isn’t a bitch anymore, but a staff of the Neibourhood and I hope this pain you just caused tonight won’t linger in your home forever.

All wish you all the pain and agony you have caused another sister whose in tears and pain right now .

I just pray God help your wicked and diabolic soul

President Buhari to be inaugurated on May 29th, not June 12th- Presidency says


The Presidency has clarified that the inauguration of President Buhari for a second term will hold on May 29th and not June 12th as is being speculated.

There have been reports that the inauguration will hold on June 12th which the Federal government last year declared as Democracy day.

However in an interview with Punch, Garba Shehu, said there is no truth to the report as President Buhari will be inaugurated for his second term on Wednesday, May 29th.

The presidential aide said ;

“There is no truth in that report. As a matter of fact, we will soon issue a statement on it to clear the air. The President was inaugurated for his first term in office on May 29, 2015. He ceases to be President on May 29, 2019, if he is not inaugurated for his second term on that day. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no plan to shift the President’s inauguration to June 12. The inauguration will hold on May 29. Those claiming that the inauguration will be shifted to June 12 are only trying to cause confusion in the polity. It is not true.”

20 NYSC Corps Members Withdrawn Over Cult Attacks In Bayelsa Community


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has pulled back 20 corps individuals from Fame Community, in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State over an assault by presumed cultists.

The NYSC had in March after cultists executed two serving corps individuals in Swali, likewise in Yenagoa Local Government Area took steps to pull back corps individuals from the state if the instability of corps individuals persevere.

Examinations uncovered that NYSC coordinated the withdrawal of the corps individuals following the announced intrusion of the cabin by speculated cultists who assaulted corps individuals, tied them and trucked away from their possessions.

An observer account said, “After gathering their things, the criminals perpetrated extreme wounds on some the corps individuals with cleavers, taking steps to slaughter them on the off chance that they set out to include the police.”

Affirming the episode, the Public Relations Officer of NYSC in the State, Mr. Matthew Ngobua, said he had been educated regarding the withdrawal of corps individuals serving in Fame however that he has not been informed on what prompted their resignation.

“Truly, the Yenagoa Zonal Inspector of the NYSC affirmed to me that corps individuals serving in Fame Community had been pulled back however he has not revealed to me the motivation behind why they were pulled back.

“When I am completely advised I would give all of you the subtleties you need. However, it is our choice that corps individuals be pulled back from regions where they don’t feel safe.”

Agbasa Ogilizibe, the adolescent leader of Fame Community has anyway begged the NYSC to cancel its choice and sent the corps individuals back to the network as young people of the system have set up important game plans to hinder a future reoccurrence of the appalling episode.

“In reality, some outfitted adolescents suspected to be cultists attacked their cabin and denied them of their assets, and they said they were going to report the episode at their office. I begged them to hang tight, so we work out modalities to guarantee they are sheltered all through their remain yet they won’t and proceeded to report the occurrence before they were pulled back.

“We must add to their wellbeing yet you realize security is everyone’s the same old thing. We have three schools in our locale, and the schools don’t have multiple instructors each.

“So the withdrawal of the Corps Members is truly influencing learning in the schools. We are engaging with them to return because we are prepared to do all that we can to guarantee they secured against such assaults.”

“No, that is not true. It’s fake” – David Alaba says Nigerian Under 17 coaches never demanded money from him


Bayern Munich star David Alaba has rubbished reports claiming that he said Nigerian under-17 coaches demanded money from him to play for the team. David Alaba, whose father is a Nigerian, plays for the Austrian senior men’s national team.

The 26-year-old Alaba who was born in Vienna by Filipino mother and Nigerian father was keen on playing for Nigeria’s Super Eagles before he decided to play for the country of his birth. And recently, there were reports that David Alaba slammed Nigerian coaches who were in charge of the team in 2007 for not including him in their side.

The reports claimed Alaba revealed that some coaches demanded him to pay before getting a chance to play for Nigeria.

Alaba has now branded the reports as fake while speaking to Nigerian journalist Oma Akatugba, who is based in Germany, in an exclusive video interview. When asked about the report, Alaba said: “No, that is not true. It’s fake.”

Groom Drags His Best Man Away From His Wife, Beats Him For Hugging Her Tightly


Here’s a video of the best man of a groom tightly embracing the latter’s bride.

The moment the ‘best man’ did, the groom dragged him off, separating him from his newly-wed wife.. and of course not forgetting to hit him severally.

The bride seems to have enjoyed the ‘intimate’ hug.

Some claim the man is probably the bride’s ex boyfriend and lover.

Watch the video below

Some comments below;

New mum brutally beaten up by husband three days after giving birth to their child


A man has been jailed for brutally beating his wife three days after she gave birth before assaulting her 13-year-old daughter

Gary Peoples, 40, punched Kerry Armstrong in the face and kicked her in the head, leaving her with severe bruising and swelling. As he hit her, Kelly crouched over her newborn daughter to protect her.

During the court hearing, a barrister for the Public Prosecution Service told Judge McCaffrey that three days after the birth of their daughter, Ms Armstrong and Peoples had an argument in the bedroom of their flat.

Ms Armstrong had her newborn baby daughter in her arms but this didn’t stop the attack. Peoples punched her on the face and after she fell to the floor he then kicked her to the head. She crouched over the baby in order to protect her during the assault.

When her 13-year-old daughter came into the bedroom, Peoples grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall.

The prosecutor said Peoples initially prevented his wife from leaving their home but she eventually got out of the front door and drove to her mother’s home from where her brother reported the assaults to the police. Peoples was then arrested.

In court, Gary Peoples admitted assaulting his wife, as well as his step-daughter in the same incident on October 2 2017. A defence barrister said People accepted it was a terrible way for him to have behaved towards his wife so soon after she’d given birth to their daughter.

After her husband was jailed for 20 months by Judge Elizabeth McCaffrey at the Crown Court in Derry, Ms Armstrong said she was glad the judicial system had worked for her. She advised women suffering abuse to seek help and not remain silent.

Nigerian ‘Ogbanje’ speaks glowingly about her goddess


A Nigerian lady identified as Chinemerem Obieze, who claims she is a proud “Water Spirit” has come out publicly to celebrate the river goddess, Mami-water.

The young lady took to her social media pages to sing praises to the water goddess she called ezenwanyi mmiri Eze.

In one of the posts, she wrote;

“People cast and bind mamiwater,but when the are thirsty them go look for water to drink,them won bath,cook,wash nah water them go use.

Me I respect and honor you ezenwanyi mmiri Eze…

If I no sing for you my nne mmiri wetin I gain😍😍😍
I love you am and am proud of you nne mmiri m”


Why a child should bear the mom’s surname – Nigerian writer


A Nigerian Writer and Social Media Influencer identified as SugaBelly has taken to her page to write reasons on why a child should bear his/her mothers’ surname.

The popular writer argued that the fact the woman is the one who brings forth the child into the world, is a valid reason for the child to bear her surname.

Her tweet reads ;

Everyone fights so much about women taking their husband’s name when the real issue is why should the child bear the father’s surname when women are the ones who face death to give birth, and the ones who do majority of all child care worldwide?

A quote from The Story of Yanxi Palace:

When a woman gives birth, one of her feet steps into the gates of Hell.

And it’s actually true. Every woman who gets pregnant knows or should know that there is a distinct chance of her not making it out of the labour room alive.

That’s the reason why the first statement always made about a new birth is “Mother and child are both healthy”

Women die.

I don’t want people to cry at my grave; come and help me now – Fadeyi Oloro cries out


Popular Yoruba actor, Fadeyi Oloro, is sick and in need of medical attention. The actor, who is down with complications resulting from tuberculosis and presently staying in Ado-Odo, Ogun State, away from the buzz surrounding him, speaks on his state of health and other issues.

There have been lots of reports on your death?

Emi ma re o (this is me). I am not dead o.

How are you feeling?

I am not okay, that is because I have exhausted all the money with me for treatment. This is not my house. It was when the whole thing started that my family brought me here to keep a low profile. I used to stay at Meiran, Lagos State. And I have been reaching out to the public, but I had to face my God. I was not like this before, I could not walk. But I am better now. Right now, I don’t have enough money for the treatment I need. I cannot work at the moment; my shoulder, hand and legs are not responding well. I cannot stand on my own, I am usually assisted whenever I want to stand or use my walk(ing) stick as support. I am just pleading with my fans and lovers to continue and stand up for support, some people have tried, but I need more financial support.

Why are you just reaching out to the public?

I didn’t want to at first because I thought it was something I could take care of. I was paying for my drugs and treatment all by myself. It is because I don’t have the capacity anymore that is making me reach out to the public. I sold my car but the money was not enough, and I became handicapped. That was when I reached out to the public for assistance.

When did the ailment start?

It was about five years ago if I am not miscalculating.

You are reaching out to the public for support but what exactly is wrong with you?

My doctor is the one in the right position to tell what the ailment is. He has been discussing with some foreign doctors on my case. I have been treated, but there is no difference. If there is money, the ailment is something that can be treated here in Nigeria. There will be no need to waste money travelling abroad for treatment.

Could this be a spiritual attack, being a prominent actor?

I can’t really say. I have been instructed not to take any herbal medicine, except the drugs being given to me at the clinic. And with the way things are, the drugs are not working as expected. By now, I should be walking unassisted. And I have discussed this with my doctor; I was given drugs, but no changes.

Have you considered all you described as aging symptoms?

Excuse me, I am a young man. I am not old.

What is the next thing for you?

I plan to continue seeing my doctor. But I have to also consider alternative treatment now; herbs. I am not feeling fine.  I just started talking and I was not like this before. If I can be walking unassisted and the parts of my body that are not responding well get back to their normal condition, I will be okay.

What do you want from the public and have your colleagues reached out?

No, I haven’t heard from them. And I do not blame them. They did the same to Baba Suwe and Alabi Yellow.  Who am I to complain? It was when I saw that I might be dying that I called out to the public.

You are a known actor, but  why is getting help taking so much time?

Yes, I am a known actor and I have worked with so many politicians while acting. If I could walk, I could have gotten into my car and gone to meet them. But I don’t even have a car anymore. There is no politician that I will stand in his presence and will say he cannot recognize me. I have also stopped producing movies too, because of the market we have. Movies are no longer sold out at the marketer’s places.

Why did you stop producing?

I had stopped producing about five years ago because of the high rate of piracy then. And also nobody could pay my money, just like the likes of Jide Kosoko, Taiwo Hassan. We are only being called to help them feature in movies. And because I was so passionate about my job, and the name I wanted to make, I had no choice but to help them. Some would come and say they want to pay me 50,000 or 100,000 for a week job. And I am a socialite.

Before I leave location, I have people who will come that they want to eat and it is out of that money that I will give to them. How many people do we tell this to? But the job continues. The market was what actually made me to  stop working. It is my own job that I can say is working for me.  I call people to come on set and I pay them off. And you cannot expect someone like me to produce a movie with N500,000. If I struggle to spend like millions on a movie, I am likely to go bankrupt because of  piracy.

Let’s talk about your character, Fadeyi Oloro. What is the good and bad side of it?

See, acting is my passion and is still my passion. The good part is that it gave me name, money and fame. And I was also able to teach people that being wicked is not good to humankind. The character came to place when I acted the role of Fadeyi Oloro in the popular Jimoh Aliu’s TV production, ‘Yanpon Yanrin.’ He was my master. The character is actually the story of a man in his hometown in Oke Mesi, who was very popular for his wicked acts. One of his acts was going to the bush to pooh, and whenever he is coming back or going, and steps on anybody’s pooh, he would  pack it bring it home and sprinkle charm on it and the person would  die. All he did was to tell me the story of the man and I put in more efforts by bringing it into life and that was how the name stuck till date. One bad part was in the 80s, when some fans tore my cloth at Mushin, because of my character thinking I am a wicked person. I am a Christian.  I attend Cherubim and Seraphim at Abule Egba, Divine Parish. If not that I am sick, during the week I might not have time to attend service, but Sundays I don’t miss service. I have had a young man in my church dumbfounded because he could not believe that I was in a church. It took him like a minute, before he could talk. I am only using my character in movies to teach, which is also my profession.

As a socialite, how many wives did you have and how many are with you presently?

I don’t have more than a wife.

Are you saying you have been married to one woman all your life?

No, I have married other women, but they usually leave me. But I am proud of just one who had children for me.

Why did they leave?

I don’t know why they left.

Tell us about your costumes, who does it?

I do my painting and costume myself. We are talking freely with each other now. But if I excuse myself and ask you to give me some time, by the time I go in and come back, you will run away. I will have to be the one to call you back, that it is still the same person that excused himself. That is what is being called a professional. The character has done a great deal for me, as an actor. Most people do not even know my name. Sometimes I challenge them whenever they call me Fadeyi Oloro. When I put on my costume, I am another person.

Do you plan to return to acting when you fully recover?

I have not quit acting. As I am now, not being able to walk, if I have people call me and say I don’t need to walk about, I will gladly put on my costume and get into character.

We are yet to see anybody take up your character since your absence?

It is God’s gift. If I am coming back again and  it will be my own production. I will not be coming under any group. It will be a personal production and will be telling people I am back again. I am not dead. This I believe will pull more crowd.

How much are you looking at for you treatment?

Even If I am given a million, I cannot really say this is the amount I need. The call I received some minutes ago is from a doctor who is based abroad and presently in Nigeria. He said he is in Osun State at the moment, but will send me a message to go to a hospital in Ogun State. He asked what the cause of my sickness is and I said tuberculosis, which can cause a whole lot of other things. And I asked him about the cost, he said I should forget about money for now and go there first. He said I should forget about the past treatment that they will have to start all over again. That they will treat me  until I am back on my feet and then money can be discussed.

What is your wish?

I want people to stand up and help me now that I need help. I don’t want people to come to my grave when I am no more and come and be crying. It is now that they should come out and help me financially because I want to be back on my feet. I have a long way to go in this industry.

Nigerian Couple welcomes Quadruplets in Jos after 7 years of marriage (Photos)


Seven years after they got marriage, Mrs. Manji Sebastian Pyoklam and her husband, Sebastian of Jos South LGA of Plateau State were running helter-skelter and praying to have a child.

To the couple’s utter astonishment, Mrs. Manji got pregnant last year – shortly after Mrs. Manji told her husband she was pregnant, they went to the hospital, only to be told after a scan that she will be having a set of quadruplets.

The news was as exciting as it was shocking.

Mrs. Manji, 33, who works with the Plateau State government, is the first to have quadruplets in the state.

“There are records of twins in my mother’s family, but I am the first to have quadruplets in our family and even in the state,” she said. “The pregnancy was quite peaceful and stress free, but it made me eat heavily.”

Manji’s husband, Mr. Sebastian Pyokalam Jibrin, a businessman and part-time lecturer at the College of Health, Zawan, is elated at becoming a father after seven years.

On February 9, 2019 she gave birth to quadruplets – two boys and two girls through caesarian section. “This is my first pregnancy,” she said.

Dad breaks down in tears and says the sweetest words as he gives his daughter away in marriage


A Nigerian dad broke down in tears while giving his daughter out in marriage and said, “if its possible for one to marry his daughter, I will never give you out in marriage“.

Photos of the father crying has since gone viral online. In it, his daughter and her groom can be seen kneeling, waiting for his blessing. But he couldn’t form any words because he was emotional and he broke down in tears.

We sell corpses bath water to pastors for N500,000 – Mortuary worker says


A mortuary attendant in Ghana has revealed how Dead body water is being purchased by some pastors in the country for as much as N500,000.

In a report by Yen Gh, a female mortuary worker was seen in a video narrating how the water is in high demand.

According to the lady whose identity was hidden, the pastors pay as much as GH₵7,000, for the water, and sometimes they even have shortage.

She explained that some family members prefer to have their corpses bathed at the mortuary, and this is the water that the pastors come to buy.

She said when the floor is mopped, the cleaners squeeze the dirty water out and keep it in bottles which the pastors come for in disguise.

A Morgue in Ghana

Describing it as a ‘side job’, the mortuary worker confessed to be doing this business in order to earn more money, explaining that the work in itself does not fetch them much.

“Even at this our job we don’t get much from it. But with this, sometimes we can’t even meet up with the demand from the pastors. We most of the time run out of water”

She, however, did not mention the names of the pastors and the churches, perhaps, for fear of being victimised.

“The pastors buy the water, it is in high demand. When the cleaners mop the floor after a corpse is bathed, they squeeze the dirty water into containers which the pastors come to buy,” the lady narrated.

The water is being used by the pastors who patronise it to perform miracles in their churches.

“Most of these pastors use the water to perform miracles for members of their church” she said

How I was kidnapped and raped in Rivers — Female Lecturer


A female senior lecturer (name withheld) in one of the tertiary institutions in Rivers State has given graphic details of her ordeals in the hands of kidnappers.

She recounted how she was raped in the forest of Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers and miraculously escaped from the kidnappers’ den.

Amid tears, she told her horrific story on Friday at the 6 Division of Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt shortly after the Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Aminu Iliyasu, handed over the three men who confessed to have kidnapped her to SARS.

The victim, who was accompanied by her husband and a female relative, said: “I was in my house in Port Harcourt on April 30, 2019. I was alone with my children and my husband’s cousin. They were sleeping in the room.

“I was washing with machine at the balcony. Since it was around 8 p.m., there was a programme I always watched on Zee World.

“As I was washing my clothes, I was watching the programme. The main gate was locked, but the protector was open, since I had to go downstairs to get water.

“I was in the living room, when I noticed that the protector opened slightly. I was wondering, because if my husband returned from work, he would horn and I would have to go and open the main gate for him.

“I was wondering who was there. The other person who was supposed to come back from work was sleeping. The next thing I saw was the key to the main door opened.

“Then I saw two guys first, pointing a gun at me. One of them cocked the gun and he asked after my husband but I said he had not closed from work.

“He then angrily asked why he had not closed from work at that time. I told him I wouldn’t know. He asked me to cooperate otherwise they would finish me, saying they were not playing with me.”

She went on: “He asked of my ATM card and PIN. I gave him. He asked if I had money in the house I said no but I had gold, which could be sold for N50, 000 but they rejected it.

“One person took our television, another took the laptop. I was tying a wrapper with spaghetti top since I was in my house. They then asked me to follow them.

“One of them asked me to get a dress but they did not let me leave the living room. The dress I wore to school that day was on my room’s door. They brought it for me and I wore it.

“They asked of my car’s key, I brought it out and I gave it to them. That was how they put me in my vehicle and as they were about to drive out, they found it difficult because of the space we share with our neighbour and they were hitting my neighbour’s fence.

“My neighbour came out and I said I was in trouble. Maybe he did not see me. The kidnappers put my head under the car’s seat and they drove off. I did not know the direction they followed.

“We then got to a place that was not motorable. So, we had to come down. That was how we started the journey inside the bush. I asked them what I did but they did not respond.

“That day, they paid me salary. I told them to let me give them the salary that was transferred to me.

“One of them then gave me an account number, which I forwarded my salary N59, 000 to. As we were still going inside the bush, he called someone to confirm if the person had received the alert.

“We later saw river that got to my knees. The leader pulled his trousers but I had to carry my dress up. That night, we spent about two hours in the bush, just moving around and I was barefooted because they did not allow me to wear slippers, thereby giving me injuries.

“They later blindfolded me and we got to a place where they said that was where we would stay that night. I slept on bare ground in the open forest.

“The next morning, out of the two of them that followed me inside the bush, one of them left, remaining one who told me that if I did not cooperate with him, to allow him to sleep with me four other persons would come in the afternoon and they would have me.

“But if I allowed him to sleep with me, he would let me go. I told him I would not be able to do it. When I was still sitting on the floor, he masked himself with his dress and he raped me.

“Later in the afternoon, I stood there and I cried. If I shouted, I would not have received help. It was indeed abush although I could hear the sound of passing vehicles.”

The woman added: “When it rained heavily, we were all under the rain. I was completely wet. They removed their clothes and had only their boxer shorts.

“After the rain, they cleaned themselves and wore their clothes. That was the only dress I had and I could not go naked. I was so cold.

“Later in the day, another one came and he asked me if I would eat but I said I was not hungry. He said I should eat in order not to die in the forest.

“He said if I died, they would still collect the ransom. They later brought packed food: fried rice with two fried meat and sachet water with orange juice for me but I could not eat because I did not have appetite. I just managed to take the sachet water and the two pieces of meat.

“The elderly one that came seemed nicer. He said they would never rape their victims but I told him the other one had already raped me.

“He was surprised and went back to ask him. He confirmed raping me. He said in their culture, it was forbidden and that before they would let me go, they would do something.

“I told them I am a Christian and I would not be part of it. I said I had forgiven him and left him to God. He said when they got to our house and if they had seen N500, 000, they would not have carried me.

“He said teachers’ money (ransom) was N5 million, but if my husband could raise N3 million, they would let me go.

“Around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, they asked of what I would eat but I said I was not hungry but I asked them to call my people.

“They then called my husband, but he was calm and he said he had no money again since they had collected the over N100, 000 he had with the ATM card.

“That was when I knew that they had collected the money. I begged them to let me go but they asked me to shut up, claiming that I was talking too much.

“When they noticed that I was very cold, they said they would take me to where I could warm myself. We then went further into the bush.

“In the place, it was like a shed with fire place. We slept on three benches overnight. Early the next morning, we left the place. As we were about changing location, one of them said he was not comfortable with where he was going and to go back to where we were.

“We then went back to where we were on Wednesday. While we were there, I had strength and I knew that members of my church were praying for me. I knew that my God would not let me down.

“I told God that after all my suffering, the kidnappers would not take the requested N3 million from my husband. They said my husband promised to call them before 12 noon on that day to drop the ransom.

“So, they were happy. One went to sleep, while the other took his phone and went away. I waited for a while, the one that went to make call was not coming.

“I did as if I wanted to urinate, the one that was sleeping did not ask me to come back. I saw it as an opportunity to escape. That was how I ran away.

“God helped me in the bush and I was following the sun but I was seriously injured and bleeding. I later came out of the bush and I saw a road.

“I did not know where I was. I was stopping vehicles but the dress I wore was so dirty. So, no vehicle was stopping for me. I then saw two guys in a vehicle, they helped me.

Source: The Nation.

University degrees won’t necessarily usher you into an El Dorado – President Buhari tells Nigerian graduates


President Buhari has told Nigerian Graduates that a university degree won’t necessarily usher them into an El Dorado and its not a meal ticket.

The President said this today May 10th at the 13th Convocation ceremony for the conferment of higher degrees, postgraduate diplomas and honorary degrees at the Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, Anambra State.

Represented at the occassion by the Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwuka, President Buhari in his speech which was read by Anwuka, said

“You are cautioned that university degrees do not usher you into an El Dorado. It rather equips you with the competence to grapple with the ever-changing challenges of life, of which youth unemployment is a vexatious part. The Federal Government will remain undaunted in tackling the challenges of youth unemployment and underemployment through a matrix of initiatives.”