Between Stella Damascus & a follower who called her a hypocrite

Screen diva, Stella Damascus, and a follower dragged each other after the follower slammed the actress following her comment on the state of Cameroon. The beautiful actress didn’t waste time as she replied to the troll with heavy shots.

See exchanges below:

What Stella Damascus said;

I wonder why this #Cameroon issue does not have the kind of media coverage that it deserves. This is #genocide and we are acting like it doesn’t matter. African leaders keep acting like the presidency is the birthright or inheritance. What the hell? #helpcameroon

The followers’ response:

Cameroon and Cameroonians have internet, they should make use of it! Your country is facing worse challenges! If they don’t fight their fight, nobody will fight it for them. They should raise alarm; let it be that the international community didn’t respond. Hypocrites! Is ur village safe? How many times have you spoken up about what ur country is going thru? Take the front seat and pretend to be doing something! Hypocrites everywhere!

Stella Damascus shot;

I advise that you do research so you don’t sound gonirsnt to the whole world. How do you think I heard about this if they did not try to speak out? Pls take the back seat let others come up with intelligent solutions.

See tweet below: 

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