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Before You Judge Anyone (Read This)

Before we judge people, let us first find out if God was judging them…

The house of Jacob rose up against Joseph and condemned him. They accused him of trying to take the power of authority. He was beaten and sold.

Joseph found himself at Potiphar’s house and one day inspite of the blessings he attracted into Potiphar’s house, he judged Joseph as his wife wanted. Joseph was sent to prison but his destiny was not imprisoned.

In all these, God was not judging Joseph. You may have been called a thief, the unfaithful, the useless, the scammer. Keep naming them but the question is, ‘are all these what God is calling you?

Most people love concluding what they think others are but I’m sorry if this is your character. peninah sang with Hannah’s name as the barren woman but God never declared Hannah barren. Hannah’s womb got children at the appointed time and she got the best in the history of the Israelites.

Most people you think will die poor will never die poor. It is not everybody that came to hospital with dead threatening sickness eventually died. Most of them returned home healed not even by medication. But doctors judged them with death threatening sicknesses.

Almost 70 percent of people others called poor and useless people ten to twenty years down the history Kane are the history making people of today.

Years back, I heard someone’s aid about his own brother, ‘I can’t visit that guy. Where he moves is something else”. But today, he is a tenant to the person he hated to visit his house.

You are not what people think you are. Even Jesus asked His disciples, ‘Who do people think I am? ” All their answers never fell into place of who Jesus is except Peter who came closer to the true answer.

Everyone thinks you are a victim of something but the truth is, you are not what they think.

The most tragic thing is that most times we think that people who define us are right . We usually say, ‘The doctor told me that my issue is a fatal one’. Start seeing yourself through the word of God. God has said of you, ‘You are the salt of the earth’. You came to make the world the beat of its kind. You are not a victim.

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