A beautiful hausa lady, identified as Salmerh Umar, has taken to twitter to scout for a potential husband.

Beautiful hausa lady

According to her, she is 17 years old and hails from Gombe state. She has urged Nigerians to pray for her because she needs a husband badly.

The young lady whose twitter handle is @SalmerhUmar stated that she can’t hide her feelings anymore and has questioned why guys are too scared to approach her.

Salmer shared multiple beautiful pictures to showcase her beauty to the world and most likely attract the husband she desires.

Arewa twitter have reacted to her posts with prayers, words of advise and some are already asking for her hand in marriage.

See some of the reactions below,

@17md14 wrote “may Allah SWT hear and accept our prys to you, am married but want more, maybe we shld talk Masalam”.

@mubarakSumar wrote “If you are really in needs of husband tell me your address I will come with my rightful friend to try his luck”

@AsigidiT wrote “Your prayers have been answered. I’m here for you and am ready to marry you!”

Some twitter users have expressed disbelief as such a pretty lady should be getting numerous advances from men and not the other way round.

@sjn49 wrote “I believe ur just joking cause ur so pretty than to searching for a man”.

See more photos below,

Beautiful hausa lady