Housemate, Neo has successfully executed a duvet heist that would never be forgotten in a hurry in the history of BBNaija Tv show.

Neo hides all duvets in the house

The pillow and duvet heist made BBNaija Day 47 one of the most interesting days of the Lockdown edition.

Neo in collaboration with OzoVee and Nengi, carried out the duvet heist yesterday September, 4, 2020.

Neo hides all duvets in the house

Returning from the arena, they realized all the pillows were missing with the exception of Vee’s who was ill and was stuck in bed the whole day.

Neo hides all duvets in the house

Shortly after they realized their pillows were missing, Ozo organized his buddies to hide all duvets, leaving only Vee’s on her bed.

Neo hides all duvets in the house

Nengi‘s role was to distract them with a game, Vee to act cool while Neo skillfully executes the operation.

Watch video below:

After playing games in the garden, the housemates returned to their beds only to find out their duvets were missing.

This led to mixed feelings in the house as some were seen crying and pleading with others to sleep next to them to prevent cold. While they searched for it, Lucy was spotted contemplating sleeping in the kitchen cupboard or under her box bed.

Slide left to watch their reactions below…