Viewers of the reality TV show are having a field day with the epic reaction of finalists, Vee and Dorathy as they witnessed the embarrassing curve Nengi gave Ozo after he tried to kiss her following his eviction from the show earlier this evening.

Ozo, who during his time in the house never failed to declare his love for housemate, Nengi, yet again professed his love for her after he was announced as the next housemate to leave the house.

Whilst biding farewell to the rest of the housemates, Ozo warmly embraced Nengi and as Biggie began his 10 seconds countdown for him to leave the house, Ozo can be seen trying to plant a kiss on Nengi’s lips but she curved his advances and it resorted to a peck.

The embarrassing moment was witnessed by Vee and Dorathy and the reaction she they gave has had people dubbing them as hilarious and savage — with a rolled eyes and an hysterical smile, Vee walked past the embarrassing situation Ozo faced while Dorathy looked away with the “here we go again face“.

Watch the funny moment below,