10 Reasons To Watch Genevieve’s Lionheart

Lionheart isn’t just another Nigerian movie. It’s Genevieve Nnaji’s beautiful answer to Nollywood’s attempt to break into today’s globalized movie industry. And who else can do it better if not Nollywood’s own Angelina Jolie?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, here are 15 reasons why Lionheart is a must-watch.

  1. Netflix’s First Nollywood Movie


Lionheart is the first ever original film from Nigeria to be streamed on Netflix. The giant streaming service bought the movie in a multimillion dollar deal in September, 2018. The big deal about this is that the film which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 2018, can be accessed by anyone, anywhere around the world.

  1. Genevieve at her directorial best


For more than two decades, we’ve been used to Genevieve Nnaji, the actress. Lionheart presents to us, Genevieve Nnaji – the movie director. The perfection in her debut behind the camera is better seen than imagined.

  1. The All-Star Appearance


Lionheart brought together the Nollywood titans and the afro-pop stars. Nkem Owoh, Pete Edochie, Onyeka Onwenu, Sani Mua’zu Kanayo O Kanayo, Jemima Osunde, Yakubu Mohammed and Kalu Ikeagwu excelled perfectly in their various roles. We bet you wouldn’t also want to miss Phyno and Mr P’s attempts at acting!

  1. The Life and Travails of a “working woman”

Lionheart - Genevieve Nnaji

Lionheart perfectly illustrate what it’s like to be a young woman trying to make it in a business world dominated by men. You will marvel at how the message was passed across in a light-hearted and warm environment. If you a young woman trying to push through amidst men, this movie is for you.

  1. Nkem Owoh at his unusual best

Nkem Owoh - Lionheart

Many of us grew up to the height of Nkem Owoh’s melodramatic theatrics. In Lionheart, our favourite Nollywood comedian is curtailed to a brilliant and strategic business man. You should nonetheless expect occasional Igbo jokes transliterated into English.

  1. Enugu to the world


It is an unforgivable for you not to watch Lionheart if you’re from the coal city. The wonderful drone shots brought to live the flavour, color and beauty of Enugu.

  1. The Beauty of Kano


The short trip to Kano state was a beauty. The beautiful scenes felt like a city in Dubai. If you haven’t been to Kano before, we assure you the charming imagery of the city would make you long for there.

  1. The Amaka Igwe Effects

Even in her death, Uzoamaka Audrey Igwe has few matches when it comes to movie directing in Nigeria. It’s not surprising to know that Lionheart was Genevieve’s homage to Rattle Snake, Igwe’s award-winning film.

  1. The Igbo-Hausa connection

Pete Edochie - Lionheart

The idea that Igbos and Hausas are sworn enemies has stayed with a lot of Nigerians over the years. Lionheart makes a unique attempt at defying the unpleasant stereotype. You will surely enjoy the seamless mix of Igbo and Hausa by Sani Mua’zu and Pete Edochie.

  1. The many lessons

Lionheart by Genevieve Nnaji

Beyond the awesomely directed scenes are a bunch of lifelong lessons. The later merger between Mikano and Lionheart Transport companies rifts the importance of negotiation and alliances in business. The movie also gives credence to the idea of doing good to strangers and respecting an elderly person’s decision.

Even though the year is relatively young, we can stake our bet on Lionheart scooping the big movie awards for 2019. You had better go watch it at the nearest cinema!

Source: Facts Dome

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